What to know

Below is a quick information ideal to be known by everyone who wants to make it to Maletsunyane Braai Festival;

  • Maletsunayne Braai Festival (M.B.F) is an annual event held at the last weekend of the month of November
  • As a family event, everyone is allowed to attend M.F.B and freely enjoy braai as well as good music
  • Alcohol and drug abuse as well as littering are highly discouraged at M.F.B
  • The event takes place in the central highlands of Lesotho at Semonkong at the renowned Maletsunyane fall.
  • M.F.B is dearly accepted by the locals as it also brings them direct economic benefits
  • Driving to M.F.B is regarded as an adventure, the driving terrain through to the spot of the event is friendly to almost any car


Maletsunyane Gallery


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