What is Vodacom M-Pesa?

M-Pesa is a Vodacom mobile money service. It enables any Vodacom Lesotho subscriber who registers for the service to, send and receive money, pay merchant, top-up  airtime, buy bundles, and make bill payments (Electricity, Water, DSTV, and Insurance) from their mobile device.


Before you can start using M-Pesa you need to activate your Vodacom Sim Card. Free sim card will be available at event.

Simply insert your new SIM card into your phone after purchase and switch it ON. You will then get SMSs indicating your allocated cell phone number.


Getting started on Vodacom M-Pesa

1. How do I register with M-Pesa?


        Dial *111# 

        Select option 4 

        Select option 1 

        Enter your first name Surname E.g. Mohlomi 

        Enter your surname e.g Tsiu

        Entre Date of birth (DDMMYYYY) E.g. (01031999) *No spacing e.g. (01031999)

        Entre your Village Name E.g. Seforong

        Select preferred language 1. English /2. Sesotho 


You will receive an SMS with a PIN.  To complete your registration, you now need to register your new PIN.  


How to register your PIN to complete your M-Pesa registration? 


        Dial *111# 

        Select your preferred secret question 

        Type your answer to the preferred secret question

        Create your 4-digit PIN 

        Confirm 4-digit PIN 

        Re-enter your 4-digit PIN 


Once your M-Pesa account is ready to use, you will receive a confirmation SMS to let you know your account is active.


Remember to always keep your PIN, secret word and Never tell anyone your PIN.  Always remember secret word when you call our call centre for help.  





How do I get M-Pesa (deposit cash into M-Pesa account)? 


We do urge all already M-Pesa registered customers to come to the festival having already loaded their M-Pesa accounts as it will be the ONLY Currency at the event! 


However, at the event you can either Top Up your M-Pesa account for free by going to your nearest M-Pesa agent or if you are a Lesotho Standard Bank user you can use Bank Card to M-Pesa. 


How to Top Up your M-Pesa account with an agent


1. The agent will request your mobile number and amount you wish to purchase. After entering this information on the M-Pesa menu on his mobile phone, you will immediately receive an SMS confirmation “you have received M**.00 M-Pesa in your mobile wallet. 


How to Top Up your M-Pesa account using Bank Card to M-Pesa. This service is only available for Lesotho Standard Bank user only.


Follow these simple steps:


Step 1 Transferring M-Pesa

1.      Dial *111#

2.      Select M-Pesa 

3.      Select M-Pesa Top-Up  4. Select from Bank Card

5.      Select either:

1.      For Self 

2.      for Other 

6.      Enter Amount from M25 to M2500

7.      Confirm M-Pesa top up amount and recipient mobile number.


You will then be required to enter your banking details, press ok to continue for Android or dismiss if you are an iphone user. Then authorize payment by accepting Terms and Conditions.


Step 2 Entering your Banking Details

1. Enter Banking Details to complete transfer

a.          Enter Bank Card number

b.          Enter Bank Card Expiry date

c.           Enter your last three or four digits on          the back of your bank card (CVV)

d.          Enter Bank Card ATM PIN to authorize payment


You will receive a confirmation SMS that your bank account was debited and the recipient of the funds will also get a confirmation SMS to say their account has been topped up with a new M-Pesa balance.






M-Pesa Limits for entry level and standard customer


Due to our Regulator Central Bank the following account limits have to be implemented for M-Pesa:  


Entry level customers; Self-registration using your phone -Transacting limits of Entry level users remain unchanged at M2, 500.00 daily and M7, 500.00 monthly. However, Entry level users have been set to have a maximum wallet or account balance of M15, 000.00. Once an individual user has M15, 000.00 in their wallets all incoming funds (deposits, P2P and IMT) into the account that cause the balance to exceed this set limit will be blocked until this amount has been reduced to less than M15, 000.000 


Standard level customers limits:  The transaction limits of Standard Users have also remained unchanged at M5, 000. 00 daily and M15, 000.00 monthly. Standard Users have also been set to have a maximum account balance of M15, 000.00 at any given point. Once this balance limit is reached all incoming funds (deposits, P2P and IMT) will be blocked if they cause the account to exceed the set limit of M15, 000.00 until the balance has been reduced. 


How to Upgrade your M-Pesa account

To increase your M-Pesa account transaction limits you have to become a Standard level customer.


To be a standard customer you need to:

1.     fill in a form at the M-Pesa Agent or Vodacom Shop and provide proof of identification and roof of residence. Approved documents as proof of documentation are as follows:  

o   Passport; o National ID;  o Driver’s License;  o Employee ID with a photo,  o A Student’s card with photo o  

o   A letter from the chief with your photo attached and the chief to have his stamp on the photo as well as on the letter.

2.     Approved documents as proof of residence are as follows: 

o   Utility bill, e.g. from WASCO or LEC;  o A letter from the chief, o Lease or Sub lease.

3.     You will immediately receive an SMS confirmation





Pay or shop using M-Pesa


M-Pesa will be the only method of payment at the festival! You will pay for food or beverages using M-Pesa Point of Sale (POS) machine. To pay:


1.     Simply tell merchant that you want to pay

2.     Merchant will ask for your M-Pesa number

3.     Pop up message will appear on your phone requesting for your M-Pesa PIN & to verify transaction amount.

You will then receive an SMS with transaction details and your M-Pesa balance